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Indianapolis Studio Boudoir Session / Ashlee

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

As we all know 2020 has been a little rough. At the start of quarantine I had a long list of projects I started (and never finished) but one of the few projects I DID finish was my new in-home studio. It has been really nice having this as a back up for rainy days, lifestyle sessions, boudoir, and days that are just too dang hot to be outside. I've also fallen in love with boudoir sessions this year. I can confidently say that I have mastered the balance between natural, sexy, and classy images while empowering women through my lens.

First and foremost, boudoir should make YOU feel sexy for yourself, and if they're a gift for a special someone, well, then thats just a bonus. For this session, Ashlee wore a variety of body suits and two piece sets that made her feel confident in her own skin - don't try to force something that isn't you. Whether you're in a bikini, baggy tee, lingerie, sexy jammies, or in the buff, I will make you feel comfortable while leading you through posing along the way.

Cheers to empowering you through posing!

Erin, Your Favorite Photographer

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