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It's Erin, Your Favorite Photographer

Hey, its Erin, your favorite photographer here to speak my truth.

I used to swear up and down that I would NEVER do boudoir sessions. They made me uncomfortable and awkward, but I didn’t ask myself why I felt that way. Upon some reflection, I discovered that my insecurities about my own body are why I was holding back. It felt hypocritical to tell another woman to be confident when I didn’t feel the same. It’s when I started accepting my body that I noticed a mental shift and became more outspoken on body acceptance instead of body positivity. I believe the body positivity mindset can be toxic at times - it made me feel guilty for wanting to change and not loving every lump and bump. It’s okay to think “I don’t like my stretch marks, but there is nothing I can do to make them a go away, and that’s okay.” As some of you know I recently went viral on TikTok for posing videos where I show women how to identify their insecurities to better pose in pictures. I’m not going to lie, I got a lot of hate comments on this taboo subject. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with posing a specific way to make yourself feel better in photos. Everyone wants to look their best for the camera right? This is where my job as a photographer gets tricky. I always ask my clients to tell me things they love about themselves, and don’t love, so I can highlight their favorite features and pose them to feed their confidence. I would love to think I have perfected my posing so that my client says “dang I look good” without using manipulative tools such as photoshop. I’m not here to change or shame you, but to empower you through my lens.

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