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Lifestyle Branding Headshots / Shauna, Memory Lane Photography

Amazing imagery can make or break the success of a brand, especially for a fellow photographer. Shauna and I have done a headshot session just about every year for the last 4 years! She understands that to connect to her audience, she needs images that capture her personality in a relateable and likable way! Shauna uses images from our sessions for blog posts, social media, business cards, and her website. Booking a professional Lifestyle Headshot session shows her potential clients that she too values professional photography.

Shauna wanted to include her love of coffee and nature into her photos! We did her makeup at my in home studio and started in her more casual outfit. The first location was the cafe at iTown Church in Fishers, IN. We were the only people in there so we were not disturbing anyone, and Shauna didn't feel pressure to model in front of people. The worship team was practicing in the auditorium, so we hummed along in between shots. Adding an iced coffee and her camera brings character to Shauna's photos!

Next we drove to Flat Fork Creek in Fortville, IN to get those yummy glowing sunset shots.

Shauna is a natural light photographer focusing on newborns and families - I wanted the natural light qualities to show in her images so I used a reflector as fill light when she was backlit. We shot photos on Flat Forks iconic bridge and then hiked down one of the trails to splash in the creek. Make sure you scroll all the way down to click the links to the BTS videos we took!

Gear used: Canon 6D mk ii, Canon 5D mk iv, Canon 35mm 1.4, Sigma 85mm 1.4, and a reflector as needed.

Images were adjusted in Adobe Camera Raw for balanced light/color, and edited in Photoshop using my custom preset for skin retouching and style edits.

Check out my TikToks from this session HERE and HERE

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