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Wine and Canvas

Hi Internet Friends!

It's Erin here to walk you step by step on how to paint a cute cactus. This is a painting that's perfect for beginners! Grab a beverage and let's paint!

Here is a list of items you'll need:

1. WINE (haha, just kidding, but really)

2. A surface to paint on (canvas, paper, etc) and a pencil to sketch with

3. Paint: a color for your background (I chose blush), green (if you don't have green, use yellow & blue), yellow, and white, and a color for your flowers

4. Paint brushes in various sizes

Some of you might not know, I’m an art school drop out. I went to the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and decided college just wasn’t for me. I already had a booming photography business here in Indy. I would ride the greyhound bus home every weekend to do sessions and go back during the week for classes. I have been a full time photographer for over 3 years now and love my job! Painting and creating is a great stress relief for me, which was taken away by deadlines in school. I hated painting and stopped for years until recently. I’m still kicking the rust of but getting back to painting has been so relaxing for me. What hobbies are you exploring while you’re home?

Make sure to post a photo of your creation and tag me!

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